Item name:Transfer paper t-shirt
Style:China pape, usa paper and germany paper And paper from different countries has different texture when finished. the quality of paper from america is the best.

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1. Product name: heat transfer paper for dark ink jet printing

2. Specification :A4 (210mm X 297mm)

Suitable for printers: Suitable for printers: EPSON Canon HP, small desktop, also suitable for water-based large-format printers…Or any paintbrush (crayons, oil brushes, highlighters, colored pencils…)drawing

3. Applicable inks: water-based dyes and pigments

4. Printing mode: The printer is set as photo (P),Print paper option 6 (plain paper).Hot stamping temperature: hot stamping machine 165 degrees iron: cotton file with no less than 25KG pressure slowly moving hot for 1 minute, can not open steam

5. Hot stamping time: hot stamping machine 25 seconds

6. Pressure: medium pressure

7. Hot stamping: cold/hot tearing

8. Hot products: light colors, dark colors (black, dark blue, red, etc.) any textiles, such as pure cotton or cotton-polyester blended fabrics, cotton canvas and other household decorations

9. Packing specification: 20 pieces or 50 pieces

10. Notes for hot stamping: 5 pieces of dark paper shall be delivered with an oil-proof paper (isolation paper), and the printed pattern shall be spread on the fabric to be hot, and the pattern shall be covered with oil-proof paper and then with a layer of white cotton cloth on the oil-proof paper to make the pattern more bright.Good color reduction, will not appear in the pattern of white.

Dark-color inkjet products:

1. Back of backing paper: unmarked, neutral packaging

2. Cold tear, hot tear can be finished

3. High quality gear

4. Simple process, no need for plate making, direct printing and output, short process, saving time and effort

5. Good resilience

6. Feel good

7. Good washing resistance (washing machine can be used for washing, washing resistance times are more than 80 times)

8. You can paint directly with any brush or printer

9. Suitable for electric irons and hot stamping machines

10. Cut the layer by hand or by cutting plotter. The plotter cuts through the layer, remove the excess white edges (waste), and remove the pattern, with the pattern facing the fabric to be hot


1.Product Name: Light Inkjet Transfer Paper (hot peel)     

2.Size: A4 (210mm X 297mm)            

3.Printers : Any color pens such as wax crayons, oil pastels, fluorescent markers, markers color pencils; deskjet printers such as EPSON ,Canon HP and laser printers such as KONICA MINOLTA, OKI….                                                                                 

4.Ink option : Dye ink,Pigment ink                     

5.Quality option:-Photo-Mirror image,Paper Options: Plain papers                 

6.Heat press temperature: Heat press machine 185°C/365°F . Iron the transfer paper, applying as much pressure as possible. Do not use the steam function.

7.Heat Press time:15seconds                   

8.Hot Peel (Within 3Seonds)after heat press                   

9.Pressure:Medium/High Pressure                    

10.Fabric:This product only suitable for printing onto white or light cotton based textiles              

11.Packing:20sheets or 50sheets                  

12.Heating Tips:Prepare a stable, heat-resistant surface suitable for ironing on.

Briefly iron the fabric to ensure that it is completely smooth, then place the transfer paper onto it with the printed image facing downwards.

InkJet Heat Transfer Paper for deskjet printers and laser printers

1.More flexible and more elastic

2.High ink absorbency   

3.Soft Touch            

4.The back paper can be peel off easily within 3seconds and can be applied with a regular household iron or heat press machine.  

5.Good washability (wash in washing machine for more than  80Times)

6. Suitable for laser printers and ink-jet printers.

7. You can cut along the cutline by sissors or cutting plotters with cutting mat.

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