Item name:textured photo paper
Size:A4 (210*297mm )
Weight:260g/m² 300g/m²
Style:One Fece and two face
Support the ink:Dye ink and pigment ink
Suitable printer:Epson ,canon color ink jet printer
Apply to:Wedding photography, certificate photo, art photo,name card

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Ink-jet print paper is the receiving body of ink from the nozzle of an ink-jet printer on which images or text are recorded.Its basic characteristics are fast ink absorption and non – diffusion of ink droplets.Specific requirements:

1. good record, strong ink absorption force, ink absorption speed, small ink droplet diameter, shape approximately round;

2.fast recording speed, that is, high density, continuous tone, clear picture;

3.good preservation, the screen has a certain water resistance, light resistance, indoor or outdoor has a certain preservation and fastness;(4) coating has a certain fastness and strength, coating is not easy to scratch, no static electricity, a certain degree of slip, bending, bending stretch.

According to its characteristics, ink-jet printing paper can be divided into:

1.Casting coating: micron-grade silicon dioxide process, brightness and whiteness can reach the level of traditional paper, but the paper base is paper base;

2.Expansion: The polyene  (PVA) material is mainly used to form a Peng Run-shaped coating on the base paper;

3. Micropore technology: RC coated paper using silicon dioxide process, the formation of inorganic-organic composite particle ink printing, immediately be similar to cellular micropore absorption called micropore paper.Paper base with the same paper base as traditional paper

This paper can be used to make business CARDS. The cost will be relatively low and the price is not as high as PVC. It can only be used as non-magnetic business CARDS or as handmade paper CARDS for children.The paper is firm, thick and tough, and not easily damaged.There are multiple colors to choose from

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