Item name:Sublimation paper
Packing: Box and cover

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Product Detail:

The product can be transferred to non-pure cotton T-shirts (30% cotton).Ceramic cup plate, porcelain plate, jigsaw puzzle, metal plate, pillow and other planar products.

Printing paper for both sides: colored cotton for the back, white for the back

Inks must be heat sublimation transfer ink, this ink made of disperse dye, in the transfer temperature will produce sublimation and dye substrate, good quality ink is not easy to block, color realistic, good stability.

Note: Due to the coating on the surface of the paper, it may be slightly rolled up after being kept in the air for a long time. Please donate the paper in the opposite direction before printing and fold the two ends of the paper down to avoid paper jam on the printer

Do not touch the image on the surface of the paper with your finger to avoid leaving your fingerprint on the image. When fixing the drawing to the cup, do not rub the drawing back and forth on the cup body, so as not to rub the color of the paper surface, impression transfer weight.

Hot stamping pattern bad problem tip:

1 color is too light: temperature or pressure is not uniform or over time. Fuzzy pattern: too long time leads to ink diffusion.

2 pattern local fuzzy: hot stamping area heat distribution uneven.

3. Pattern with scar: Too long stamping time. Adhesive paper: the temperature is too high or the object transfer coating is not good.

Special note: after printing the pattern, do not scratch, scratch, stretch within 24 hours.24 hours later, the water temperature is less than 40 degrees, do not directly rub the pattern, to avoid exposure to the sun

Print Settings: Print select quality photo mode. Paper choice: high quality inkjet printing paper. Cancel image enhancement, check “print high” in more options, and mirror print is required.


Printing steps: After printing the image pattern, cut off the 100 variations face down on the substrate, preheat the ironing machine to the transfer temperature of 160-180 degrees, put the image on the ironing machine, press the ironing machine, press the pressing time for 15-30 seconds, take out the object, remove the isolation paper after cooling.

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