item name:Stick glossy photo paer
Size:A4 (210*297mm ) a3(420*297mm)
Weight:90g/㎡ 115g/㎡ 135g/㎡ 150g/㎡
Packing :Opp , Box,Colour Bag
Support the ink:Dye ink and pigment ink
Suitable printer:Epson ,canon color ink jet printer
Apply to:Photo album, head stickers, labels

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After printing, if you need to paste can tear off the silicone oil paper, you can paste at will. Highlight interface, rich layers, bright and delicate, color reproduction realistic, natural clear. A piece of paper with a sticky substance on the back.Colloid ground is thinner, soft, commonly used in all kinds of banner edition advertising with its advantage is to play the effect is clear, color change will not be too big its flexibility is also very good.But the gum is sticky and hard to clean.

Large automatic cutting machine cutting, cutting uniform, reduce the burr and bevel cutting, smooth through the machine. Widely used in photo albums, stickers, CARDS, labels, covers, etc. When printing, choose photos with clear images and high pixels, print Settings and select Advanced Printing.

What the glue of glue of back glue chooses is hot melt glue, Hot melt adhesive has a strong adhesive force;Good thermal stability, no impurities, good operation, excellent water resistance, excellent weather resistance;Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive is a plastic adhesive, in a certain temperature range with the change of its physical state and temperature change, but the chemical properties remain unchanged, its non-toxic and tasteless, is an environmental protection chemical products.

store time can be longer, the product had better be put in dry and ventilated place, did not finish want to put back packing bag, close light to store.When the paper is exposed to the light in the air, the storage time will be shorter and it will turn yellow easily.

Matters need attention:

Please select high gloss printing. Silicone paper does not support printing. After printing, please tear off the silicone paper before pasting. Metal surface, glass surface, wall surface, notebook, marble, ceramic, wood, etc

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