Item name:Rc photopaer
Size:A4 (210*297mm)
Support the ink:Dye ink and pigment ink
Suitable printer:Epson ,canon color ink jet printer
Apply to:Wedding photography, certificate photo, art photo

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RC paper means the paper coated with double-sided plastic film paper base paper after multi-layer coating.

The luster of this paper is the luster of the resin itself. This paper has a microporous structure, so the drying speed is very fast after absorbing ink.

Cast-coated highlighter paper is a kind of paper which is rolled by high luminance chrome-plated hot cylinder.

The paper also has a microporous structure, so the ink absorption is as fast as RC paper.The gloss of the paper is mainly transferred from the casting cylinder, so the cylinder’s smoothness, temperature, pressure and other factors directly affect the brightness of the product.

The requirements of RC paper are as follows:

1. Quality of photographic paper :RC coating technology adopts Resin coating technology and raw materials of photographic paper, which is completely comparable to the texture of photographic paper

2. Rui Li excellent use of advanced nanotechnology, printing photos more sharp, more excellent, color reduction more realistic and clear

3. To improve the image resolution of the photo, make the bottom ink stand dry

4. Water-proof, such as glue: advanced nano-pore technology encapsulates ink, which is impervious to water invasion

5. Bright as mirror Adopts Resin Coat technology to make the surface of the paper as bright as mirror

6. Whiteness: Whiteness control layer adds whiteness control layer to make the paper white as snow

7. Smooth Resin Coat makes the surface of the paper smooth as silk

Photographic paper characteristics

Pros: It retains almost all of the advantages of regular highlighter paper, but it also offers instant inkblotting and immediacy that can be picked up as soon as printing is done.

High brightness ink absorption ability, printing photo color saturation is very strong water resistance, even if it is in the water for a long time also does not matter.

Whether pigment or dye, a variety of printers, different printing modes can be very good use in addition to highlight, can also make matte, suede, silk


Glossy RC

Highlighter surface light, is currently the common type of general photo output with highlighter.

Satin RC

The surface has a fine grain feeling, under the sun has a shiny feeling, generally used for wedding photos.

Luster RC

For suede, also known as the thick suede, the picture can show a stronger sense of three-dimensional, more shiny in the sun.

Silk RC

Silk – like surface, a fine check, more used for art.

RC paper structure: printing surface, adhesive surface, PE coated surface, base paper and back coating

Product brand production, sourcing from their own factory production.Direct delivery to customers, only designated JOJO flagship store sales

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