Item name: Pvc card
Size:A4 (200*300mm )
One box:50set/three pcs one set
Printing material:150mic
The middle material:460mic
Printing material:150mic
Colour:White,silver ,golden
Support the ink:Dye ink and pigment ink
Suitable printer:Epson ,canon color ink jet printer

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Magnetic card is a card-like magnetic recording medium that USES magnetic carriers to record character and digital information for identification or other purposes.Magnetic card is made of high strength, high temperature resistant plastic or paper coated plastic, moisture proof, wear-resistant and flexible, easy to carry, more stable and reliable use.The bank card we use, for example, is a common magnetic stripe card.Magnetic card is easy to use, cheap in cost and widely used. It can be used for making credit card, bank card, metro card, bus card, ticket card and telephone card.Video game CARDS, tickets, air tickets and various traffic toll CARDS.We use a magnetic card for many occasions, such as eating in the cafeteria, shopping in the mall, taking the bus, making phone calls, entering a controlled area, and so on


1. The printing material is glossy and translucent, and the printing surface is the side without protective film. The protective film is thin and plush, which can be torn by hand.

2. Medium material is white and opaque, with protective film on both sides. Medium material cannot be printed and does not need to be printed.

3. Make pictures with computer software, and put the printing materials into the printer for image printing


Minutes (or blow-dry).

Then tear off one side of the protective film of the medium and print the image surface (that is, the print surface).

And the removal of the protective film in the material surface overlap, with the temperature of more than 120 degrees of ordinary plastic sealing machine.Repeat the above steps if you need to make double-sided CARDS. Then use the card cutting mechanism to make CARDS of various shapes. When finished, remove the protective film from the printing material.


Pay attention to moisture proof, keep dry, in the case of surface moisture, dry after printing, does not affect the printing effect, do not fold pressure

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