Item name:Print Ink
Colour:(bk, m, l ,y, lm ,lc) or (bk, m,l,y)
Style:Dye base ink and sublimation ink
Capacity:100ml ,250ml,500ml,1000ml
Shelf life:3 years

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Dye base ink product Detail:

Dye base ink the colours are bright and pleasing.Commonly used: magenta, pure blue, yellow, black and other colors, in order to strengthen the transition color and gray tone performance, and added light powder/light blue/medium gray/light gray and other colors, so that the color of the print more rich and mellow.

Water-soluble dyestuff inks require

1. good water-solubility;

2.Strong coloring power;

3.Bright and pure color;

4.The water solution is stable and does not deteriorate;

5. Strong color resistance to weather.

Water-based dye ink printed color bright now, suitable for indoor pictorial ads, document printing, as well as the design institute, etc., dye ink print is not waterproof, run into water, after the ink will be scattered, the picture is invalid, dye ink to print out one more thing, just will fade, as time goes by, the printed image color will be a little bit of fade, until become a blank SLATE, dye ink printed image to save time is usually 1 to 2 years, so printed with dye ink is used only for indoor use, such as indoor X exhibition frame, advertising posters, most is also printed with dye ink, of course,Want to save the image for a longer time, you can also choose laminating, laminating can be waterproof, can be used outdoors, of course, put waterproof preservation time will not be very long.

Sublimation ink product Detail:

Also called thermal sublimation ink, thermal transfer ink is mainly used for heat transfer printing products, thermal transfer ink by thermal transfer machine after heating, the pattern and text clearly printed on other products, so is one of the indispensable material in the ink industry, thermal transfer ink and other dye ink, pigment ink, and water-based ink, thermal transfer ink color fresh thick, high density, thermal transfer ink is mainly from the United States and South Korea, the us and south Korean fresh thick color thermal transfer ink, thermal transfer ink printed on the paper pattern of the United States and South Korea, thermal transfer thermal transfer ink ink pale clear, through the thermal transfer machine heat transfer printing, image clarity, color reduction degree is high,This is also the advantage of imported heat transfer ink, because of the high density of transfer ink, so easy to block printer nozzle,

Transfer process is suitable for the transfer of the hard surface after coating treatment.The fabric is mainly polyester and polyester cotton, and the hard goods can be high temperature resistant, such as mug, film, metal, glass, porcelain, etc., can be completed by special ironing machine image transfer.

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