From its establishment in 2007 to 2014, JOJO has been in the foundation stage for 7 years, working hard in obscurity and accumulating strength constantly. By 2014, JOJO, a photographic paper brand, has gradually gained popularity in the international market, with its reputation and sales increasing year by year. Now, it has entered the stage of rapid development. After 12 years of nurturing the JOJO brand, the tree has finally grown
JOJO photo paper is currently available in more than 60 countries around the world .This brand is greatly favored by consumers in the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. Many customers go to some stores to buy photo paper and specify that they need to buy JOJO brand photo paper. JOJO has become synonymous with photo paper in these areas . Because the product quality is good, in recent years JOJO photo paper in Europe and the United States and other developed countries sales are also growing rapidly .Now JOJO brand, its reputation and overseas market share are in the photo paper industry far ahead of the position .Has become a benchmark in the industry。
Therefore, with the strong support of the company and its strategy, Changli Yuancheng vigorously develops its corporate culture, cultivates a positive, optimistic, united and upward corporate culture, and takes the customer as the center to create a good service image of the company.Employees as the center, to create a people-oriented harmonious atmosphere;Take the company as the center, set up the good image of the enterprise, make clear the development and striving goal of the company, and build the strong value chain system of “we are interdependent, we are for everyone, everyone for me”.The construction of corporate culture has greatly strengthened the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise, thus effectively promoting the reform and development of Changli Yuancheng Company.



Post time: Sep-22-2020