With the company’s strength and product categories continuously enriched,the company has become a major supplier of a full range of consumables, one of the main products include RC waterproof photo paper, cast coated glossy photo paper ,inkjet paper machine dye and pigment inks to provide customers with comprehensive high-quality printer consumables products. The photo with the best quality paper.High whiteness for wide color gamut. Excellent image definition and color saturation. Short drying  time. Widely use for water-base dye or pigment ink-jet printers such as EPSON,HP,CANON etc.




In order to better expand the company and make JOJO products known to more customers, we attend many exhibitions every year. Such as  the Canton Fair, Hong Kong exhibition and India Stationery Fair and so on. These exhibitions provide us with a bigger stage, which enables us to get closer to the guests and get to know them, and improve ourselves constantly. Constantly market operation ability, accelerate the process of brand building, rational face of market demand, create more quality services for the majority of customers. Every time I attended the exhibition, I would meet old customers selling JOJO paper. After visiting the products, they would come to the store to talk freely and increase their friendship with each other.We used to not buy and buy the relationship, like family.They will bring us new things they see, share with us, show us new products, and the product business model, and bring us more new blood. They travel more than we do, they see more new things than we do, Every time the exhibition let us also received a lot of orders, and the guest's inquiry. Through follow-up follow-up and return visits, we will show our customers around the factory to see our production capacity and efficiency. So that customers can feel more and our cooperation is at ease. We take orders from different customers.




Post time: Sep-21-2020