Item name:Magnetic photo paper
Size:A4 (210*297mm)
Packing:Colour cover
Support the ink:Dye ink and pigment ink
Suitable printer:epson ,canon color ink jet printer

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For magnetic stick on the back of the front, the printing surface and, strong adsorption, printing surface is white and black surface adsorption, can be directly adsorbed on the object with a magnet, print pattern is clear, uniform ink absorption, effect is good, can be directly adhesion on the object with a magnet on the back, can be repeated many times paste, can move colour is gorgeous, can tailor any pattern, DIY creations

The paper base uses the natural wood pulp, the professional coating and the formula craft, the bright white, the printing color is gorgeous, the color range is broad, the layering feeling is bright, the printing color lifelike, the photograph grade quality effect.It has the characteristics of quick-dry waterproof, bright color, exquisite image and stable quality.

Support 5760DPI printing accuracy, wide gamut, long weather resistance, color accuracy, whiteness, color level detail performance is excellent, suitable for full-color image output, small text clearly visible, create professional effect printing quality.

Coating: Micron grade silicon material, fine and smooth

Blotting: Absorbs ink instantly, prints it by hand, impermeable, does not drain images.

Base paper: high quality phase base, high smoothness

Or you can print out pictures of your family and stick them on the fridge.It can also be used on the office wall to show the company’s culture and style.It can also be attached to any object that is magnetic.Paper continuous printing function is good, no paper jam.When printing, it is best to choose high resolution photos, the effect is good, white side for printing, black side for paste, printed out the picture can be cut into their favorite shape.This product is very heavy. We can only pack 20 bags and 10 sheets in a box.Too much is not recommended.

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