Item name:One face matte photo paper

Size:A4 (210*297mm ) A3(420*297mm)
Weight:108g/㎡ 128g/㎡ 160g/㎡ 170g/㎡ 200g/㎡ 230g/㎡ 250g/㎡ 300g/㎡
Item name:Wwo face matte photo paper
Size:A4 (210*297mm ) A3(420*297mm)
Weight:120g/㎡ 140g/㎡ 160g/㎡ 180g/㎡ 200g/㎡ 230g/㎡ 250g/㎡ 300g/㎡
Packing:Opp and colour cover
Support the ink:Dye ink and pigment ink
Suitable printer:Epson ,canon color ink jet printer
Apply to:Leaflets, menus, resumes and other graphic personalized needs

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Paper stiffness, bright white, printing color effect is good, to provide a larger gamut and more delicate levels, high precision,

High fidelity, high speed, photo quality effect .It has the characteristics of quick-dry waterproof, bright color, exquisite image and stable quality.

Support 1440, 2880, 5760DPI printing accuracy, gamut wide, long weather resistance, color accuracy, whiteness, color level details table

Now the best , suitable for full-color image output, small text clearly visible, to create professional printing quality.And one face photo backside can make logo for customer.


1. Suitable for all kinds of dyestuff inkjet printers;

2. Please correctly select the print surface when using, and support 5760DPI and other high-precision printing;

3. To ensure the printing quality, please put the remaining paper back in the bag for sealed storage, avoiding high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight;

4.In order to achieve the printing effect you need, please select the best printing mode after the experiment and output according to the printer’s instructions;

5. Avoid leaving fingerprints or hand sweat on the paper when printing, and avoid dripping with colored water drops such as tea or drinks;

6. Do not use highlighters on the printing surface and do not touch the surface with wet hands to avoid fading or discoloration of the image;

7.After printing the photo, such as after laminating processing or placed in the album to save the best


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