Item name:One face glossy photo paer
Size:A4 (210*297mm ) A3(420*297mm) 3R(89*127mm) 4R (102*152mm) 5R(127*178)
Weight:115g/㎡135g/㎡ 160g/㎡ 180g/㎡ 200g/㎡ 230g/㎡ 260g/㎡ 300g/㎡
Packing :Colour bag. colour cover . colour box
Support the ink:Dye ink and pigment ink
Suitable printer:Epson ,canon color ink jet printer
Apply to:Leaflets, menus, resumes and other graphic personalized needs

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JOJO photo paper Excellent for photo graphic out puts .Due to its layered structure, the color sticks to the surface, and the impressive maximum color strength and interaction with the substrate make it waterproof and stain resistant. ink solvent is absorbed by the inner coating, so that the surface quickly dry, easy to handle .In addition, the substrate is protected by two layers of polyethylene to retain moisture and humidity, allowing the paper to last for decades.

One face glossy  means that you can print picture only one face ,there can be logos on the backside, like JOJO logo ,no logo or  PREFESSIONAL logo. As for the products, we can make different styles of packaging to meet the needs of different customers and according to customer needs to develop new. 

Photo studio for customers to produce id photos, life photo production is convenient and immediate, high-quality design sample or effect drawing production, handheld viewing better support, so that the scheme file more composed texture.Production of promotional pages for star hotels and advanced chant’s price list.Home video enthusiasts enjoy the fun of manual, personal home video slowly out of the whole effect. More suitable for high quality image output.

About the back printing logo:

Back printing refers to the watermark on the back of the paper, such as text, LOGO, etc. Back printing is only used for decoration and brand publicity, and has nothing to do with the printing effect

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