Item name:Golden and sliver photo paper
Size :A4 (210*297mm )
Packing :Cover
Support the ink:Dye ink and pigment ink
Suitable printer:Epson ,canon color ink jet printer
Apply to:Wedding photography, certificate photo, art photo

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Advanced production technology, rapid ink absorption coating, clear patterns, bright colors, with excellent metal texture and three-dimensional effect, personalized printing preferred.Indoor use, not waterproof and uv – proof.Can back glue.

Scope of application: this series of products suitable for the production of digital wedding photo, advertising photo, high-grade card card, glass decorative painting, arts and crafts.

The printed photos have bright colors and absorb ink quickly.

Product features: high gloss transparent coating, fast new speed, printing images with special metal texture and three-dimensional chat, personalized printing selection, widely used in auto shows, pictorial work, craft painting, metal MEDALS, badges, etc. Adopting advanced transparent PET film, corona perforation is aluminized, which is the best substitute for the original room. Uniform coating, strong adhesion, good ink absorption, good ink compatibility, image color resolution.Silver, matte, smooth, good color restoration, matte pictures, realistic picture, more attractive character picture, the background color is heavier, more eye-catching.Suitable for display, advertising, packaging materials, figures portrait, crafts landscape painting;It is the best material for making photos, adopting foreign advanced coating technology, good ink absorption, no crystallization in winter, the surface is fine and even, delicate and noble;The design is clear and has excellent metallic texture.This product does not pick the machine, any water-based ink machine can be output, printing, packaging, composite has excellent adaptability.

Precautions for product preservation and use: Pay attention to prevent the direct sunlight from causing the layer aging on one side.Keep the temperature at 10-23 degrees away from heat source.Try to keep the room cool, dry and dust-free.Even fine dust can affect the printing effect of the film.Stacked in such a way as to avoid excessive ballast by gravity.Do not mistake the printing side of the film when using, and do not touch the printing side of the film with wet hands, while finding out that the printing coating does not receive the ink well.

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