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JOJO photo paper company is a professional production and sales of inkjet photo paper, ink and thermal transfer paper digital printing supplies and other series of high-tech enterprise .The company has advanced imported equipment and instruments ,with a variety of professional high-level engineering and technical personnel, with a certain degree of professional R&D capabilities ,customers can design and manufacture of different variety to meet market demand for inkjet printing supplies .The company modern management, advance production process , from raw material to start, all the production processes are subject to stringent quality inspection and control, providing customers with high quality products and quality service has won recognition of many customers at home and board.

In SARS epidemic, jo-jo company all staff also positive efforts of good service, customers all over the world when the guest into do not come to China, we also reply by email, all kinds of chat software, as soon as possible, through various channels give the guest the on time delivery, jo-jo staff are open market first, and last a closed from work, the market also provides us with the order platform in the evening, night live platform, through the network better show the product to the customer.So that customers do not have to endure the fatigue of the journey, the goods can be delivered to countries. 

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At present, in the economic downturn, JOJO paper still keeps a positive mind. While maintaining the balance of income and expenses, JOJO paper keeps expanding new fields and new products to make its products more diversified and meet the needs of customers.
They company has consistently adhered to “innovation, professionalism, integrity” business philosophy, they rely on elite sales force and perfect after -service system, the application of  advance logistics management system has now been developed into a comprehensive strength, management experience and mature sales network and improve high-tech technology companies.